KURTSAN is the leader company in own area of Turkey.The company has great experience, infrastructure and designing to be produced food processing lines and special machines as a project or as a Know How.The company has also established many turn key plants in Turkey and abroad.Our main products are fruit and vegetable,conserve,dried-roasted,milk products,sea products,pickle,chocolate,fruit process lines and pasteurization,sterilization,evaporation systems,conveyor systems,washing,heating-cooling systems,tank and silos to be stored.In order to carry out automation systems labor force has been reduced minimum level and saved quite energy that provided products to be used economically.In addition first time in Turkey the company has produced sewage sludge drying systems and recycling projects about acquiring energy systems.Kurtsan has been serving investors for 43 years experience and references with perfect quality perceptive,research and development engineering studies.

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